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Tunisia – a bridge without Gluten.

"We already had decided to write the proposed trip to Tunisia" gluten free "for a long time. Also on many stress celiac friends who want to know about Tunisia, We have started our our research with the desire to know, to travel and as a place of exchange of experiences.
Then the terrible attacks in Tunisia. What to do? This was a question for several days without response. Then the decision: also the traveling gluten may be a bridge. We do not help ourselves and help the Tunisians not if we build walls but we can help building bridges. If today we are all terrified, afraid and more surely we shall stand firm and be on guard for our lives and for our health. But if a bridge exists, tomorrow who is at both ends will start to take the first step to cross. We write because tomorrow is possible ".

Thousands of years of history have made this land the meeting point of Arab cultures, Africa, Europe. Art, history, culture, nature, the desert and the clear waters of the sea. Archaeological sites 500 BC. The suk. From Dougga , passing through Cartagine, Biserta, Hammamet, Djerba , to get to Matmata o Tataouine or the mountain oases of Tamerza – Chebika – Mides passing through the capital Tunis. The intoxicating scents and colors the suk. The national parks where you can admire a pristine biodiversity. Or simply a moment of relax immersed in its waters, playing golf. These are just some of the reasons to visit and discover Tunisia.

First of all, we invite you to consult the official site of tourism of Tunisia. This allows you to have both an overview and detailed on the multiple possibilities of vacation that you can choose in Tunisia. We invite you to consult the archaeological map of Tunisia (thousands of years of history and culture)
We also recall that Tunisia has many world heritage sites of mankind and protected by UNESCO : These sites are both cultural and natural (Ichkeul National Park and its Lake are a lovely unspoilt natural place: thousands of birds that are migratory and sedentary here their natural habitat.

And many other sites are waiting to be protected as heritage of Humanity. We invite our readers and friends to consult the official website UNESCO (It is translated into many languages): You can discover priceless heritage whose beauty (even if the web site only or video and photographic historian / descriptive) calls starting.

The celiac travel in Tunisia.

Celiac disease is a problem felt in Tunisia. Like many other Nations (even in Europe), Tunisia has started to tackle the problem of celiac disease by not long (There are other Nations in the world whose celiac associations have 20 – 30 years of life). But even considering some special situations there is a constantly growing awareness with regard to coeliac disease. This awareness is still predominantly commitment fruit of some people which led to results (example "The Guide to eating out and a growing list of distributors of gluten-free products"or opening some stores for Celiacs). We can assume that Celiacs can travel and visit Tunisia without running the risk of being bad for contaminated food and never find gluten free restaurants or shops where to buy: some things are still very important. Obviously you are not traveling in Italy (the nation judged by international journalists as the best nation for Celiacs-see our article) But if you consider everything and with care you can discover Tunisia.
logo ATMC ATMC è la associazione dei celiaci della Tunisia. Questa associazione sta facendo tutti gli sforzi per avere e dare una struttura di supporto: noi dobbiamo considerare tutte le difficoltà economiche / politiche delle nazioni del nord Africa. (Prima di pensare allaroundisglutenfree.pselion.net , nella estate del 2014, noi abbiamo fatto un viaggio in una nazione a nord della Italia e noi abbiamo avuto molti problemi per mangiare fuori – Noi vogliamo dire che i celiaci possono visitare la Tunisia ma prima di partire i celiaci devono pianificare e come noi abbiamo già scritto avere delle accortezze).
Certain realities exist in Tunisia that dealing with celiac disease in a way parallel to the ATMC . This element is essential to start preparing your trip. The knowledge and the ability to make contacts is the Foundation of this preparation.

Where can we eat away from home (restaurants-bistros) or where can we buy gluten-free products in Tunisia?

GFA Gluten Free Academy (Tunisia) has created a page Facebook and " the guide of the restaurants to eat gluten and shops where you can buy gluten-free products in Tunisia”. Gluten Free Academy constantly updates the Guide. We have tracked for a few weeks and we can confirm their commitment.


In addition ATMC opened a mill and a bakery shop to the production Mulino - Fornogluten-free flour and the sale of food derived.



Along with these realities we have also identified:
Tunisia gluten-free Tunesie Sans Gluten – “Tunisian students for social projects” the Institute of higher learning of the technological studies of Sfax. They have created an information site and forum on celiac disease.
Many Tunisian people have opened blogs and facebook pages to share their experiences and to show that many of the typical Tunisian recipes can be made without gluten (example also: Aimer manger sans gluten en Tunisia)

The Tunisia is a country where the celiac person can travel but (We repeat) as in many other countries before and during your trip you must have some warnings:
 before your departure you plan exactly the stages of your trip (example: You can program the stages of your trip even with reference to the cities where you can find gluten-free restaurants or shops); In addition to the contacts that we have above you can see also the official site of tourism of Tunisia.
 You must carry your purse with the stash of gluten-free products in case of emergency if you should not find ( as you should do every time batches for a trip with the exclusion of Italy (where you can find easily enough gluten-free products) and maybe a few other Nations;
 If you booked with a Tour Operator ( villages and/or hotels All Inclusive) check the forum with guest reviews: Sometimes they shall ensure the possibility of gluten free meals and sometimes the preparation was approximately. We recommend that you always consult Gluten Free Academy which is the most reliable source even to know and choose your hotel or tourist settlement proposed by your Tour Operator).
 This is a General Council but it is valid for travel in many Countries that do not have the same legislation your nation (in relation to food preservation or potability of water) : You should avoid eating raw or uncooked foods well; the vegetables should be eaten preferably cooked and the mineral water is preferable .
 If you don't have a chance to eat in a restaurant with gluten-free cuisine, You try to eat only cooked foods on the grill or on the plate (Perhaps with the use of paper trying to avoid all those foods whose production may be subject to contamination (also unaware) or they may have some ingredient of which is not certain the realization / production 100% gluten free;
 The Tunisian population speaks Arabic and French (quite commonly). You can download our guide for restaurants).

As we wrote the ATMC contributed to the opening of a mill and a store entirely devoted to gluten-free products.
Mill and Kiln (Open from ATMC) – Address: 8 bis Rue Colonel Mohamed Béjoui. LAOUINA. Tunis – You can see the Guide map.
Felder – Questo è un produttore di farine e prodotti senza glutine con un suo negozio con la vendita.
And also:
Mongelli : rue ali belhaouane, 8050 Hammamet
These may seem like little indication but only because we recommend that you follow the information Gluten Free Academy to find restaurants or bistros to eat gluten free.

Tunisia is a country not very extensive and if you laid down the basics (safe gluten-free) You then you can more easily organize your excursions.
This is our first step . Now we hope the cooperation and help of Tunisians Celiacs and Celiacs who have already visited Tunisia to complement our first guide.

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2 thoughts on “Tunisia – a bridge without Gluten.

  • Thanks for the accuracy I would like to know all the addresses of the locals where to eat and where to buy gluten-free things in Tunisia because I struggle a lot being Tunisian but I live in Italy I can not bring the escort every time and sometimes customs throws me everything then I had decided not to come to Tunisia more often for this discomfort.

  • So beautifully written! We will be crossing the bridge on Monday to enjoy the wonderful country of Tunisia.

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