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Nuova Zelanda: the first image is of ALL BLACK, the national rugby team that performs HAKA a traditional war dance of Maori people native. New Zealand is a wonderful part of the world where nature is incredibly beautiful. The beautiful scenery will remain in your heart forever. Here you can enjoy unspoiled nature, sailing and fishing the ocean surrounding New Zealand clean or skiing the snow-capped mountains that overlook the pristine lakes. Words are inadequate to describe such beauty. A few words as an introduction to our guide to the discovery of New Zealand: tailored for people with celiac disease. New Zealand is very aware of celiac disease and nearly all restaurants can cook gluten-free food. All the big supermarkets have special gluten-free sections with special products such as gluten-free bread, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free cereals ect. Government laws regarding food labelling require on all products (containing wheat or gluten) to label these bold ingredients on the packaging. The law on the labelling of foodstuffs is very accurate , rigorous and strict. This item is additional security for Celiacs.
First of all we have contacted the celiac Association of New Zealand for information about the restaurants where you can eat gluten safe and where to buy safe food. They responded very quickly and they have indicated the site : This site is done very well and you will find all indications with the map of places where there are restaurants and shops also Rory is safe and very friendly and helpful.

You can visit New Zealand without problems and now our recommendations are:
icon listConsult the Embassy of New Zealand: you will have all the important information and on visas;
icon listSee the website of AIR NEW ZELAND : you will find all information about special meals (the possibilities are many for both food allergies and religion; If you travel with other airlines see their websites and you must remember to ask for gluten-free places when you purchase airline tickets;
icon listConsult site of the New Zealand Government's customs: the laws for the protection of nature and biodiversity of the territory and of the agricultural industry are very important and precise and You can find all information about everything that you can import or bring into New Zealand. You must declare all things that you bring (fresh and canned food and everything else). Declare any food that you have in your luggage (for example, even an Apple). The staff are very helpful: they will tell you what you can bring, what you need to throw. Don't forget: you could pay a high fine.

Now you can begin to organize your trip in tourist and details to arrange your tour by visiting the official website of tourism in New Zealand and you will discover endless opportunities: You can also go skiing on beautiful New Zealand mountains or a cruising around the coast.

You can also join a wine and culinary tours along your legs and maybe you'll even enjoy the famous sweet Pavlova in the gluten-free version [the story of Anna Pavlova ]

The New Zealand Association of celiac disease has shown see where you will find all the places where you can find gluten-free: among these we underline:
green check mark vinkje totally Gluten free Bakery
green check mark vinkje Hinton's ’
green check mark vinkje Drexels
green check mark vinkje The Library Cafe
green check mark vinkje Dejeuner
green check mark vinkje Cobb&C0
Print and bring with you our gluten-free restaurant card to show the chef or waiters.

Bon voyage to the discovery of New Zealand: send your travel experience, report your favorite gluten-free restaurant or bakery that has made the best sweet “Pavlova” gluten free.
Us some friends have recommended Cobb&Co . What about you?

Thanks to Karen and Rory: Their assistance was very important and thanks to all the friends who will help to update this guide with all the information that they send.

For your holiday in New Zealand see also icon a website


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