Israele – Il viaggio è anche gluten free.

Introduction: I first visited Israel with my family of origin in 1977. An Italian Catholic family. We stay at a guesthouse for priests retire just over build and we plantWe visited with a rented car with driver. I have just returned from visiting every corner of Israel using public transportation. Israel is a place of endless tourist attractions (cultural awareness, women religious, Naturals) but I believe that Israel is a country ideal for a traveller. You matches its discovery free from any idea you have in your mind (religious or other) and so you can fully enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world and discover its countless facets. And now I am ready to organize a new trip with my family and my wife is Celiac. I use many links in these Jerusalemrows to help better illustrate. Before organizing the trip I have contacted the Israeli Celiac Association (through a friend of mine) and I found people very helpful who promptly sent all the information. Also their website provides all the news. Israel has a presence of coffee shop, restaurants and shops (read until the end of the article) they sell gluten free products quite common ( some belong to chains that you can find in many cities). Many of these are kosher. Us (As always) We recommend starting with a small stash of snacks, bread or other foods without gluten for every eventuality. Before you ask if there are specific laws on the transport of packaged food (the laws can change) and you wonder at the hotels if you can introduce your bread in the restaurant (If they do not provide).Jerusalem

A trip to Israel is the journey to knowledge of the world; nowhere else you enjoy mankind's past and its future. The vestiges of the past alongside the symbols of human progress. Infinite colors created by countless communities that compose it (because if it is true that Jerusalem is the Holy City of three monotheistic religions in Israel you can only know the infinite aspects and their subdivisions through multiple Community living in Israel, For example I have known Christian communities (with their uses, traditions, costumes) of which I had not before although I know I lived in Italy). And this is true for all religions.

spicesI'll give you only some pictures and travel inspiration (in almost every place you will be able to find a gluten-free food point although I recommend contacting first). I will write at the end of these lines all information with links and contacts to organize your trip without gluten in Israel and if you check the link you can see all updates. The territory is not very great and this makes it possible to find an alternative refreshment.

Jerusalem – I had my base on a hill around Jerusalem: the colors of sunrise and sunset are a unique sensation and unforgettable – they fill the soul. Then you enter in its narrow streets and you're dazzled by the myriad of nuances and scents inebriate the senses. Lanes, the suk, the Esplanade of the temple, the mosques, the ancient entrances to the city: But if you enter the soul of Jerusalem, you can understand why this city is the Holy City for Jews, Muslims, Christians (Today I am an agnostic). I've never seen so many different faces in the world of humanity as in Jerusalem. You capture with your mind every fraction of time and space.

bike in the desertGran fondo

From Jerusalem to Eilat – you can choose various alternatives to get to Eilat. I have always preferred a machine (I still remember the first time with water). The road coming down toward the dead sea (the lowest point of the Earth – 395 meters below sea level), the sea salt for salt formationsDead Sea seem to Qumraniceberg. The place where if it were raining drops evaporate before falling to the ground. We are passed to Qumran , We saw a Bedouin community and then finally we have admired a wonder of nature: the dead sea. I still remember my grandmother (then 78 years) He had covered his body with desertonegevsludge (they are excellent for the skin). The feeling of being on the water for its high degree of salinity. And then back in the car through the desert of Negev – You must cross it , I thought that Gaudí has drawn inspiration from the Negev to work ( but surely I'm wrong) – then get up to Masada : read the history of this site andMasada When you are inside the remains of the fortress of Masada looking for a place, close your eyes and think of its history. So that even this place is worth the trip in Israel. And today this place full of history, art, nature is also the ideal stage for culture. I carry two links: Different feelings but the vitality of a place that is within us.

EilatAnd then back in the car towards the sea: Eilat and the Red Sea. As a few others with a Great Barrier Reef and a visit to the Oceanographic Museum: revenue and get off in theaters located below sea level and enjoy the spectacle of the porthole marina nature.underwater observatory

From Eilat to Bé er Sheva ( the most important cities in the Negev), Askelon, Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Towards Tel Aviv along a path that shows the projection into the future of a young and dynamic people while Tel aviv - Museum of Artspreserving past attractions. Some of Israel's most important museums are situated along this path. Tel Aviv a city that is always on the move at any time of the day, modern, colorful.

From Tel Aviv along the coast towards Caesarea (between ancient and modern city, history and future) to continue to Haifa: climb the hill overlooking the town and throw a glance toward thecaeserea- Sea. Come on the Bahá ' Í gardens the gaze is lost in the infinity. A stop that recall before leaving at a time of St. John of acre ( Akko). The Crusader city and TerracesBenGurionhaifa- Bahaithe Templars still has signs of battles and wars that around it took forever for the conquest of Jerusalem. Walk through its narrow streets surrounded by the scent of the sea. And then towards the Mount Carmel, Tiberias, Nazareth through the ones that are the cradle of Christianity. Along a road that shows the green side of Israel particularly if we still have eyes the colour of the desert. A stop on Lake TiberiasSea of Galilee before resuming the road to Jerusalem. Everyone can enrich your visit with Akkofurther pictures. Like for example a stop at Benedictine monastery of Latrun.

We have designated a location and we have left out many famous places. This is just an invitation to visit Israel to Celiacs. A thousand other routes can be made. Along each path you will find a gluten free food and often Kosher. Israel is a mixture of people who may have their origins in different parts of the world and as such its cuisine can offer alternative flavours, perfumes, also, non-local tastes: coeliacs can enjoy these very different tastes.Yehuda-Gluten-Free-Matzos

The next year in Jerusalem”- With these words of diaspora Jews wish conclude the "seder" (the Easter Eve dinner) the feast of Pesach. This is the hope that I make to all readers of this brief note Celiacs and non-celiac disease.

A special thank you to Liora, Tal and David for the information you have provided.



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The Israeli Celiac Association list: Coffé shop, Restaurants; List: stores with gluten free products

We recommend

Some of our friends have sent an email and encourage:בוקר ללא גלוטן בורקס מקמח חומוס

logoCafé Louise : they have multiple locations in Israel. We contacted them they were very helpful and polite: gluten-free dishes are shown in very clear menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner, dessert) and the owner has posted some קיש ללא גלוטןreally photographs “tasty and appetizing”.

פרגית סלט בריאות על









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