Rice cakes and almond 1
Rice cakes and almond. Gluten Free.

A simple preparation, fast, tasty. Delicious for breakfast or to accompany the Tea in the afternoon. Snacks or snack for our children's school.

From Sun, with drops of cioccalata, fruit into small pieces or with the excellent jam. Whenever a different flavor.

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Rice flour-Gluten Free – 200 grams
Almond flour-Gluten Free- 90 grams
Sugar – 170 grams
2 Teaspoons baking powder – Gluten Free
.25 teaspoon baking soda
Oil seeds 65 grams
Milk 220 milliliters
Egg – 1

Preparation step by step:

Combine and mix with a whisk: rice flour, almond flour, sugar, baking, yeast.

Separately, combine and mix the liquid ingredients (with a whip): milk, oil seeds, egg.

Liquid ingredients, combine dry ingredients and mix thoroughly slowly.


If you want to, You can add them to the mixture into little pieces of fruit (attention: the fruit should not release water) or chocolate chips (gluten free).

When the dough is ready, pour into a baking dish (for Cupcakes). Be careful not to soil and clean well not to burn and make bad smell.


Put the pan with Cupcakes in the oven: 190 degrees x 20 minutes
Before serving you sprinkle with icing sugar.

You can taste the cakes even accompanied by an excellent jam. I used grape jam this time.

Enjoy your meal


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