Spaghetti with Anchovies and citrus



Fragrances and tastes of the sea. We love the flavors and Mediterranean pleasures.

fix iconDifficulties: Low Boiler-icon- Difficulties
Strawberry Money iconCost: Bass Coin icon
icon timerTime: 30 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 4 People Icon number
Pasta: 320 grams (I used the spaghetti – Corn Pasta PIACERI MEDITERRANEI) Pasta Mediterranean Pleasures
Fresh tomatoes: 1 tomato – weight approx. 100 / 110 grams (I used a tomato type SAN MARZANO”)
Salted anchovies: about 180 grams;
Salt: quantum satis
Extra virgin olive oil Italian: quantum satis
Parsley: to your taste just enough
Lemon: 1 (I used 1 Limone di Sorrento)
Orange: 1(I used 1 Sicilian Orange)
Dry white wine: quantum satis
Garlic: 1 clove
Advice to our readers and friends (especially non-Italians): This summer recipe needs fresh ingredients and good. The ingredients are essential to the flavor and the success of this recipe.

EQUIPMENT: 1 Chopping Board, 1 Pan, 1 pasta cooker, 1 spaghetti Server, 1 Salad Bowl, 1 small saucepan, 1 Mezzaluna (kitchen), 1 ladle.

Take the Bowl, pour a little of white wine (just enough to soak the salted anchovies). Soak the salted anchovies. With the help of your hands you remove salt, the central spine and any small spines remained ( Attention: don't pass the anchovies under water: they will lose flavour).
Put the anchovies on a cutting board and cut into small pieces with the help of a knife. (During this operation, my husband helped me for a time problem).
Take the saucepan. Filled with water that you bring to a boil. Dip the tomatoes for about 1 / 2 minutes. Remove the tomato, put on a plate and remove the skins with your hands (easily).
Put the peeled tomatoes on a cutting board and cut into small cubes with a knife.
Using the mezzaluna chopping parsley chopped.
Take the Orange and lemon: (Peel the Orange and lemon) – Remove the Peel with a knife. Must remain only the pulp of citrus fruits: then separated the practicing of deep cuts to "V" between skin and pith to remove them. Remove any seeds and cut all the cloves in half.
Pour the oil and a clove of garlic into small pieces (medium heat) in the Pan. As soon as the garlic takes color, you pour the chopped anchovies and parsley and turn the heat. After 2 minutes add the diced tomato chopped. You use the spoon to turn the mixture that will become even. After a few minutes you can fire spengiere.
Meanwhile you fill the pasta pot with plenty of water and salt (not too much because the anchovies are tasty). When the water reaches the boiling point, you pour and cook the pasta for the time indicated on the package.

A minute before the end of cooking pasta you turn back on low heat under the pan with anchovy sauce. When the pasta is done with the help of the ladle for the dough you drain the pasta and you pour the pasta into the Pan. You add 2 tablespoons of the pasta cooking water and pour the Orange and lemon that you have prepared into small pieces and stir quickly with the help of a fork.
Pasta dishes and enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean pleasures.
Enjoy your meal



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