The pasta with the sauce of Peppers is a dish (gluten free) tasty with a mild flavor and very easy to prepare and highly effective. PASTA WITH PEPPERS

Difficulties: Low Cost: Low Time: 20 minutes


Doses for 4 people cheese philadelphia

* 3 Peppers * Philadelphia Cream Cheese Classic: 80 GR.

* .5 Onion * Salt * Italian extra virgin olive oil

* Pasta 320 GR. ( I did use "PENS" gluten free brand: Farabella )Penne Rigate FAIRFIELD


Clean the peppers. Cut the peppers and the onion into pieces. Take a pot, put a little oil and salt and cook the peppers and onion together on low heat. Complete cooking, puree the peppers and onion. Take a large pot combine the peppers and the onion smoothies with cheese Philadelphia. Mix all (use a wooden spoon) to obtain a smooth cream.

PeppersPan with peppers and onion in cookingCream of peppers and onion with philadelphia





Bring to a boil 1 .5 liter of salt water (with 7 GR. of salt). Strain the pasta and stir gently. Boiling for cooking time indicated (4 minutes). Turn off the heat and leave the dough in covered pot water (about 2 minutes) until the dough has reached a perfect cooking. Try and drain the pasta. Season the pasta with plenty of cream of peppers and serving.

Good appetite

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