NAAN - Gluten Free
Indian bread Naan – Gluten Free Recipe.

The traditional bread Naan accompanies every meal in Indian cuisine. The Bread Naan is rigorously baked in Tandoor .
I replace it with a non-stick pan .
You can cook this recipe easily.Mix Bread Revolution

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• 400 grams flour gluten free – I used a flour mix: .5 flour for bread mix Revolution and .5 flour Fioreglut – Mulino Caputo
• 200 g of natural yoghurt
• 1 cube of yeastCaputo Flour. Flour fioreglut
• 1 teaspoon of honey
• Salt to taste

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water by adding a teaspoon of honey.
Place the flour on a work surface. Add a pinch of salt.
Take a small cavity in the Center: Pour the yogurt and the dissolved yeast.

Knead until you have a soft and homogeneous compound, then molded into a ball and let rest in a bowl covered with a cloth to 1 now about.

When the dough is leavened, you divide the ball in small equal parts and make small balls.
Roll out the balls with the help of a rolling pin to obtain high disk about half centimetre.
Sprinkle rolling pin and the ball of dough with a veil of flour. You will prevent the dough sticking to the rolling pin when you make this act..

Heat up a the high heat a nonstick pan and, as soon as it is warm, cook bread making it brown for a couple of minutes each side.

Extra touches:
When knead the mixture of flour and yoghurt do not create lumps. Knead with your hands. If mix is difficult, Add a little water, whereas if the dough is very liquid dust with more flour.

Attention: Leaven must be at room temperature.

Absolutely not to cold.

Bread recipe Naan is simple. This food can be combined perfectly with each taste, accompanying every type of dish. Bring the taste of India on your tables: try to merge the resulting bread sauce curry gluten free or chicken with curry .

Enjoy your meal;

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