i Prontissimi senza glutine


the very ready gluten – PENS & CAPERS & OLIVES.


I Prontissimi Senza Glutine can be cooked either in the microwave is in the Pan.

A few days ago, the owner of the convenience store near my Office called me and other 2 also their colleagues with celiac disease: "Do you know the new product PIACERI MEDITERRANEI: i Prontissimi senza Glutine ? I have many clients with celiac disease and I would like to offer this option. "

We had never made these new products also because we had some concerns with food ready in my family.
We prefer the food cooked at the moment. But sometimes this is not possible.

I went in the store where I buy my food often gluten free . I-ready-without-gluten-penne-capers-&-olives
The owner is very careful and meticulous in the reading and analysis of the composition of foods. Before selling a product he studies intently all labels, the product sheets:
"You know – He said – we Italians are wary verses these products: I read the label closely. Products used in the preparation are really good and quality. "

I purchase and then I prepare for the test.

The package has it all: Baking pan with lid, envelope pasta, sealed envelope with the sauce, plastic fork and napkin.
You can cook in the microwave or in a pan: I choose the microwave.


Cooking in the microwave.
 Open the bags of PASTA and sauce;
 spill their contents into the Pan and stir well;
 cover the pan with the lid;
 Cook for 9/10 minutes to 750 WATTS;
 Pour into dish and eat.

The instructions are very precise: I pour the pasta and the sauce in the Pan: I mix well with a spoon and I close the tray with lid.
I turn on my microwave (instructions 9/10 minutes – 750 WATTS). I decide 9 minutes.
Plate on the table and enjoy your meal.

Judgment: product gluten free, not precooked, without lyophilization, not frozen.
Cooking 9 minutes from a good result of the consistency of the pens – we prefer this cooking time and no more. The pasta keeps cooking – as much as we do.

The sauce is a little creamy but tasty and delicious: with bits of green olives and a pleasant taste of capers.
My husband (He is not celiac) She tasted.
His judgement by non-celiac: Product quality is definitely superior to like products with high standards for non-Celiacs.


This option is most effective when you have little time: work, guests at home and you don't have time to cook a dish for you too.

My advice is to try at home and take up close to your workplace: (For example) in those restaurants / canteens where others eat and we Celiacs we can only watch.

Enjoy your meal


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