Let the food be your medicine and medicine be your food Hippocrates V century b. c..

Man is what he eats — Der mensch ist was er isst Ludwig Feuerbach 1804 . 1872

We are what we eat and what we eat is our medicine. People who suffer from food allergies know very well the meaning of sentences by Hippocrates and Feuerbach. A celiac person must put careful in eating food and his health is a result of what he eats.

Our Recipes:

We use only products of brands included in the manual of the AIC in our recipes published on : trademarks of companies that have an exclusively gluten-free brands and companies that also have other productions but whose products ( We use ) are present in the Guide AIC.

Recipes of our readers:

We publish the recipes of our readers after their authorization on : the publication of recipes other Nations the possibility to know, try new flavors, Cook new dishes for Celiacs. We thank all friends and if we allowed we their name and country of origin.

ATTENTION: We recommend to use only products gluten and actually pay attention to the "CROSS-CONTAMINATION" : In Italy there is one of the most important laws in the world protecting Celiacs . You might read on the packaging of vegetables "May contain traces of gluten " . Legumes do not contain gluten but the package may have been contaminated in the factory where it was made or when its supply chain.


Our recipes: