For my first 40 years my life has passed normally like that of so many other people. Then one day I started to have trouble at the belly : views , analysis. Verdict: Celiac disease. I ate bread, pasta, Pizza, sweet and loved travel: suddenly and instantly I had to change my diet and try to always be able to eat safely and in every place. I am coming into a world that I didn't know absolutely. I didn't know what had celiac disease but soon I found that I wasn't the only person the coeliac and Celiacs are many and many times with completely different symptoms (some growth problems resolved with the discovery of celiac disease and gluten-sensitive power, ect.). Where to find products for Celiacs? When I travel outside my home country how and where I can eat? That I gotta have and care must have my non coeliac family members? What is cross contamination? The beginning was a hell.

The first step: What to do and what to know? In Italy there is fortunately a law among the most advanced in the world in relation to celiac disease; the State from a monthly contribution to people who suffer from this disease and especially c ’ is an excellent Italian Celiac Association (AIC) that constantly keeps its members informed about products (trademarks) You can eat the celiac (even when the mark of the manufacturer is not expressly and exclusively gluten free); AIC awareness-raising campaigns on the topic and publish every year a guide which lists restaurants and places in Italy certificates where Celiacs can eat safe for their health without the risk and then feel bad (essential for anyone who loves spending time with friends or travel).

The second step: I revolutionized my cooking to try not to confuse pots, colander and mostly not contaminate my food with the flours and bread of my family. I like to cook and always the worst situation is when you have to deprive yourself of anything for obligation and not by choice. Flour for Celiacs are difficult to work: I bought a bread machine with a gluten free meal program and after several attempts the result was excellent. I have started to change the recipes with my products. I found that many companies produce products for all with special attention so that the result is gluten free: salami , salami and sausages (that are often treated with products derived from dangerous flours) they come from some companies produced and packaged directly gluten free: The pleasure is that we can all eat the same thing and we're equal at the table. This is not easy but never surrender. Hanging out with friends: That's nice. A brick after another we we do not stop: There are roses and flowers , tomorrow will be better than today. Life does not change but adapts.

The third step: travel outside your country. Here begins the difficult. You begin to see other countries associations, social networks. In some cases, as in Germany or in Spain in Madrid you can find restaurants and dine very well: national associations and social provide all possible information and indicate the places where the celiac person is guaranteed or possible alternatives: certainly you can't find around every corner a restaurant for Celiacs: but this does not happen in any country.

In many countries, Instead, the problem of celiac disease is unknown. They are still all ’ start: the chefs don't know the problem (After you have explained in their own language your problem, they put the bread in the ’ salad just because you ordered that particular dish). You've asked for advice but they do not know the problem. You showed a chef card with all the information about what a celiac cannot eat. That frustration! Luckily I brought snacks from Rome. They don't know celiac disease despite in those countries many Celiacs live and suffer.

And for this reason that we (with my family) We decided to create Celiac disease should not be an obstacle to our lives, to our pleasure of hanging out with friends, the wanderlust.
This site aims to become a community throughout the world that wants to grow with the contribution of all: sharing solutions, indicating places to eat when we travel.
Nations, City, countries where we can associate the pleasure of our palate to the beauty of sites visited; swap recipes, Exchange information on the laws in different countries so that Celiacs from all countries can take their Governments to adopt laws for the protection of people with celiac disease including the requirement that the medications and supplements should only be made with gluten free ingredients.

We are waiting for your help to our big family.

Antonella and his family