Pumpkin stuffed with cabbage and venus rice
Pumpkin Gratin Stuffed with Cabbage and Rice.

Pumpkin Gratin Stuffed with Cabbage and Rice. How a temptation arises.

A friend of ours has just returned from northern Italy, bringing a nice piece of cheese really great (he knows our love for cheeses and our continuous search for traditional flavors).

He was working close to Gemona and discovered the dairy" Latteria Turnaria di Campolessi ”.

This dairy is a Presidio Slow Food as a testimony of an excellent product, of an ancient history and culture that is settled over time. This dairy also contains a part of the history of its territory. Marco brought a piece of cheese" Latteria ”.

Part of the cheese tasted with a glass of wine next to it but part destined for a recipe that was new and different for us.

We just bought back a littlePumpkin Chestnut az. Agr. Nadalini - Wikipedia Pumpkin Chestnut / Hokkaido produced by the Farm Nadalini and that we had already enjoyed.

Because of its small size the pumpkin Hokkaido it is also perfect to use as an edible wrap with different fillings.

This time I cooked a first course made tastier by the cheese gratin in the oven and which melts and melts.

An inspiration on the net and then rushing to look for the other ingredients: Rice Venere (of the Italian controlled supply chain).

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Hokkaido Pumpkin Gratinata Stuffed with Cabbage and Rice: Ingredients (for 3 portions):

120 g of rice venere Venus Gallo Rice Integral 100% Italian Gallo by controlled and certified supply chain;

140 GR. of curly cabbage,

1 little pumpkin Hokkaido /Chestnut (Of this pumpkin you can also eat the peel) of the Farm Nadalini ,

1 piece of leek (about 3/4 ''),

Oil evo enough,

Salt to taste,

100 GR. Cheese Latteria of Latteria Turnaria Di Campolessi


Wash and clean the pumpkin very well

friendly cow

Adopt a Cow

(Remember: you will also enjoy the peel of this pumpkin).

Put the pumpkin in the oven at 200 degrees until it becomes soft

(the peel will become gritty and colored).

Remove the pumpkin from the oven. Cut the shell and empty it from the seeds and filaments.

Salt and oil the pumpkin slightly and keep warm.

Meanwhile, after washing the rice very well (to prevent any contamination with gluten during production), put in a pot (with a thick bottom) rice with plenty of cold water).

When the water boils, add a pinch of salt and boil for about 15 minutes the rice.

While the rice is cooked, cut the leek into julienne or washers and wilt in olive oil with a pinch of salt and then add the cabbage (cut into strips) and sauté in the pan over a brisk heat for 3/4 minutes adding little salt.

Combine the rice, mix well with a ladle and then turn off the heat and add half the diced cheese and mix well again.

Fill the pumpkin with rice, cabbage and cheese and cover with the remaining cheese cubes.

Put the pumpkin back in the oven at 180° until the cheese is melted and gratin.

Cover with its cap.

Serve the hot dish.

Enjoy your meal,

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Food is culture: expression of a territory and its people. Its history, their often millennial traditions. Food is geography: places with their own conformation and peoples have created and produced over the centuries in that geographical context.

Millennial stories of encounters and diversity. Stories of different roots that enrich thanks to their differences.

Sometimes even what might just be a small piece of cheese, can become an opportunity to travel, of study, in-depth analysis, of knowledge, of curiosity. We are curious.

For this reason,, we think it's right to include in the recipe posts also links not closely related to the recipe itself. But from the recipe or the product they take inspiration. From food to travel, from travel to food and its realization always gluten-free.

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