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Warsaw: Gastronomic Diary. Gluten Free.

Warsaw is the new Meta.

Game with a flight at dawn, We were many who use awkward hours to travel for a whole day at leisure. After 2 .5 hours we had arrived.

Arrival in Hotel, I am dedicated to study a city map and locate the ten gluten-free restaurants, of the list provided by reception.

This time my instinct has deserted me and, After visiting the first three restaurants discarding them, I understand that eating gluten was intended by the hotel, How to eat vegan, or vegetarian, but not suitable for those suffering from diseases like celiac disease.

Then, discarded the Asia, then the vegan, for strong risk of contamination; walks, walks, I had a hungry like a Wolf.

Come to old town, the core of Warsaw, where the bombings of World War II have spared few manufactured, I tried the only restaurant on the list with the Italian name.

I was hoping I could communicate better with someone who speaks my language, and clearly explain my problem.

In The Restaurant “ Giovanni Rubino “, of Italian, I only found the name.

Cook, waiters, and owners, all Poles.

I wonder if it is possible to eat gluten free and I explain that I suffer from “Celiac disease”.
Answer Yes.

I don't know if it was because of the great hunger, or if the Cook Polish, He had among his ancestors, some Italian great-grandfather, but that night I ate spaghetti with garlic, Olio e peperoncino, more coupons in my life!

In addition to spaghetti, I ordered a great potato salad, tomatoes, almonds, Arugula and goat cheese.

The room was cozy and the Centre of the old town. As the first day I was satisfied.

The second day two Polish friends I have achieved and with their exquisite hospitality they drove around the city showed the beauty of Warsaw.

From the monument of the unknown soldier to Barbican, ancient defensive structure of 1500, then come to the National Theatre.

When choosing the place to eat we went at a pretty Bistro vegetarian, Vege Miasto , where they served various gluten-free dishes.
Surprisingly, we found that there was a long line outside the local, and being very small, She couldn't accommodate all requests.

So after a good expectation of .5 hour, We have gone away, returning " Giovanni Rubino ”.

On the third day, the visit to Castle of Warsaw was a must see.

An impressive building in the middle of the old town, completely rebuilt following the traces left by the paintings and antique books.

A wonderful Castle in which are preserved many works of art, including many paintings of Canaletto and two important works by Rubens .

The furnishings of the rooms presents, are all authentic period furniture, and the Castle also boasts an extensive collection of ancient weapons.

A visit not to be missed if you visit Warsaw.

The same evening, my friends Alice and Ivona they wanted to give an unusual evening at National Theatre of Opera: We explored the luxurious Palace and listened to the work of Gioacchino Rossini , “The Turk in Italy”.

Unfortunately, the Interior of the theatre in the small bar, There is nothing to eat gluten free, only drinks, coffee and cappuccino, but worth a sit and enjoy the excitement of the stylish crowd before the show.

The day after the visit to the Museum of Chopin could not miss
In addition to admire, paintings, manuscripts, all kinds of information about the composer's life, You can listen to excerpts of his wonderful music.

Also wandering through the city, you will find many musical benches dedicated to Maestro, and pressing a button, magically, fairy notes come out of her tracks.

After being delighted with Chopin , I'm back in the heart of the old city to try Polish food at a nice local restaurant: Zapiecek Restauracja .

A place not to be missed.

High professionalism and great food, so I exaggerated a little & #8217;, sampling many dishes.

Starter: Black Pudding roasted with bacon , to follow Grilledbeef chop from polish Limousine, served with traditional potatoes cake , Finally dessert, Chocolate and almond .

Translated into Italian the traditional Polish dishes is not simple.

The only thing to do is let yourself advise.

A niche left me enchanted, why I love try local cuisine when traveling.

The next day I had to visit Prague and the Jewish Ghetto, then an Orthodox Church and the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel with its Gothic spires, which by the way is the Church of the Diocese of Warsaw.

At lunchtime I went back downtown to try somewhere interesting.

I know that also exists in other countries, Maybe under a different name, and that even in Rome, there is something like, but for me it was a novelty.

This is Groole , un Fast Food , where they serve only large roast potatoes, cut in half and stuffed with different toppings: from the bacon and sausage, the cheese and vegetables, or beet sauce and other toppings.

All very good, most staff are very friendly and welcoming.

This is a local certificate, then you can eat safely, In addition to accompany the food they serve a great gluten-free beer.

Must try,It is also cheap.

In the afternoon, After the visit to the old town, I went looking for the jam packed shop Sin Gluten , located in a central area.

All I could think of, There is for sure.

The last day after finding closed the Museum of Insurrection, I was comforted with a tasty lunch at the restaurant " La Cantina ”.

Many gluten-free dishes, including pizza.

Here you will find a menu provided and many delicacies to taste. Poland GF restaurants and food logo
The restaurant is delicious and is located in the Centre of Warsaw.

I'll confess that starting I was afraid, but now I can say that the borders of the gluten free hit even in this beautiful city.

The only thing needed is to know a little’ of English, because I assure you that the Polish is incomprehensible, with all those consonants!

Never stopping to the appearance though, because when you hear about, their language becomes everything else, even the sound remains sweet and light slips away.

In this demonstration there and witness their great poetess, Wisława Szymborska , Nobel Prize for literature.

Try listening to one of his poems in Polish, you don't need to understand the language, just enjoy the harmony of sounds.

Cities that must be visited to dive in its beauty and fascination forever.

Bon Voyage,

Antonella P .

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