Oat and Peach Cake. GlutenFree

Oat and Peach Cake.

Pleasure of something sweet and Sara prepared a tasty whim for mid afternoon but that is also great for breakfast breakfast. Sometimes we have enjoyed even after a lunch or dinner combined with a good meditation wine.

A recipe (GlutenFree) easy to execute and quick to realize that Sara prepared in a short time.

Doses for 4 portions of Oat and Peach Cake:

icon checkmark2 eggs;
icon checkmark50 GR. of peeled almonds;
icon checkmark80 GR. of honey;

icon checkmark150 GR. of plain Greek yogurt;
icon checkmark125 GR. of oat flour (or chopped oat flakes) – gluten-free brand (uncontaminated): More Well - WholeMeal Oat Flakes Gluten FreeI used "WholeMeal Oat Flakes gluten free" Più Bene " and I chopped until I got the flour;
icon checkmark.5 sachet of baking powder (gluten free);

icon checkmark30 GR. of potato starch;
icon checkmark30 GR. of water;
icon checkmark1 large fishing or 2 medium (also for decorating). I use yellow nectarine peaches;
icon checkmark1 tablespoon of olive oil;


icon checkmark q yellowSeparate the yolks from the egg whites;
icon checkmark q yellowBeat the egg whites to clear and frothy snow;
icon checkmark q yellowTake a boule where to whip the egg yolks with honey and yogurt until you get a light and frothy mixture;

icon checkmark q yellowChop the almonds and add the mixture together with the starch; add water and continue stirring;
icon checkmark q yellowThen combine the yeast and oat flour;
icon checkmark q yellowTransfer the mixture to a cake out pan after adding the peach cut into pieces;

icon checkmark q yellowAdd the peach slices on top to decorate;
icon checkmark q yellowBake in a preheated oven at 180 ° degrees for 40 minutes. Check the cooking according to the type of oven you have at home.

To check the cooking you can carry out the toothpick test (grandmother's old method): take a fairly long wooden toothpick and stick in the center of the cake making it to the bottom of the pan.

Torta farina di avena e pesche (GF)

Pull out and observe.

If the toothpick re-emerges clean, without cake residues this means that the preparation is ready and can be baked without delay.

On the contrary, if you see traces of dough still damp that are attached to the toothpick, this means that the cooking time is not yet finished and our cake is raw and we have to wait a few more minutes.

Oatmeal and peach cake (GF)

We have to close the oven again, putting the pan back and then repeating the test to verify the cooking.

Enjoy your meal,

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