Stockfish - Mousse
Stockfish – Stockfish Mousse. Gluten Free.

Stockfish – Stockfish Mousse. Gluten Free.

An idea to start a lunch / dinner: a different appetizer.
This recipe is inspired by Italian regional recipes.

I was at the market and saw the beautiful fish: ready to be cooked.
Idea for an appetizer for our dinner with friends.

Limited time available and the choice of cooking and preparing a different menu.
A taste and a particular taste.

I did clean the fish in fish market(Remove skin and bones).

Ready to cook this new recipe read in a newspaper a few days before.

Difficulties: Easy

Costs: Middle

Time: 25/30 minutes

Ingredients: 5/6 People

Stockfish softened: 500 grams

Milk: 1 Liter

Chartreuse Olive Oil Extra (EVO) light fruity flavor: 200 grams

Fresh cream to the kitchen: 50 grams – I only use fresh cream.

Pistachios Piaceri Mediterranei - Pan Crispy

Crostini: for my gluten-free croutons I use " Pan Croccante Piaceri Mediterranei

Salt: just enough


Boil the milk. Cook the fish in milk for 10 minutes.
Leave to cool a little.

Clean the fish if not already clean.
Cut into chunks and make a cream with a hand blender (similar accessory).

Start adding oil, keep working at constant speed.
Add the cream and continue to work for a few minutes so as to incorporate air.

Proce Stockfish Mousse


Let it cool. Bring to the table after you dusted with chopped pistachios (or you can crush the pistachios in a mortar – I have done so).
Enjoy your meal


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