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Risotto with Beetroot, Gorgonzola, Crispy Bacon. icon GF no flour

the Risotto with rape (or beetroot) redhead, gorgonzola and Bacon crisp is a very special dish for both colors for its flavors!

The contrast between the taste of sugar beet, the most determined of spicy gorgonzola and crispy bacon is its peculiarity.

The preparation is simple.
I used fresh red beets, but you can also use those precooked.
You can use the leaves, they are delicious, For more delicious recipes.

fix iconDifficulties: Media Boiler-icon- DifficultiesBoiler-icon- Difficulties
Strawberry Money iconCost: Middle Coin icon Coin icon
icon timerTime: If you boil the turnips about 55 minutes in total.
If using precooked beets less time.
You can boil the beets in a pressure cooker and save time.

Ingredients for 3 people

icon checkmark q yellowgrams 270 of rice Flora Classico . The result was perfect: rice Flora Carnaroli It would have been more suitable, but my husband had forgotten to buy. Rice Classic Flora
icon checkmark q yellowgrams 200 of red beets
icon checkmark q yellowgrams 100 by Gorgonzola Croce Piccante
icon checkmark q yellow1 medium onion
icon checkmark q yellowmilliliters 100 dry white wine (1/2 wine glass)
icon checkmark q yellow1 liter of vegetable stock
icon checkmark q yellowgrams 100 Spread pancetta with pork rind (gluten free)Spicy gorgonzola Cross
icon checkmark q yellowSalt to taste
icon checkmark q yellowParmigiano Reggiano
icon checkmark q yellow1 knob of butter


Prepare a vegetable broth (about 1 liter).
To prepare the Risotto, beetroot, gorgonzola, and crispy bacon, you begin to cut the leaves of beets, Rinse the beets and mettetelee in a pot with cold water.

Risotto with beetroot pro 1





Cover and Cook (and salt as required) until the fork goes in easily.
Alternatively you can use the pressure cooker that reduces considerably the time.
Once ready (cooked) the beets, delete the external film, cut into large pieces.
Take half of beets, cut and make a cream with the hand blender.
If necessary add a little stock.
Leave the other half of turnips on a plate.

Meanwhile, After removing the rind, cut the bacon into small pieces.
Put a saucepan: When it is hot, put the pieces in the Pan and fry the bacon (without adding oil).

When the pieces of bacon are golden, remove the pieces from the Pan, leaving the fat has melted: you use it to fry the finely sliced onion and sweet heat withered in bacon grease.
Meanwhile you have warmed broth.

When the onion is dented, raise the heat and add the rice. Let her shine (Toast) the rice, stirring with a wooden spoon and deglaze with white wine.

Attention: toasting and not burn the rice.

When the wine has evaporated, Add three ladles of broth and continue cooking, pouring the broth, little by little, as it is absorbed, stirring. Continue cooking over medium heat).

Pour in rice, before the cream of beet puree.
Continue turning with a ladle: check out the broth and integrated levels (If and as needed) with a ladle.

Risotto with beetroot pro 2



Five minutes before the end of cooking rice combine red beets into small pieces and crispy pancetta and continue to turn with the ladle.

Check the salting: Add salt if necessary.

Meanwhile, dice the gorgonzola cheese and melt in a double boiler.

Continue to shoot well to mix the rice and time has elapsed, turn off the heat.

Stir in the butter and Parmesan (scratched) fire off with wooden spoon.
Let it sit for a few minutes rice.

Pour into the plates (serve) and with a spoon add the melted cream spicy gorgonzola.

Are you ready

Enjoy your meal



I have read the 5 rules for a good risotto in an old recipe book to get thorough cooking and mixing.

1. Proper cooking:

Toasted rice very well in a little butter or olive oil (I used the melted fat of the bacon this time) and cook with the addition of boiling broth.

To obtain a perfect manteca tura, You'll have to put out the fire when the risotto is al dente, its consistency is really extremely important for successful plate #8217; l & flawless.

2. Butter and cheese:

The first phase of the mantecaura risotto.
Add to the pan of rice, the cold butter (better if cut into small cubes) and grated Parmesan cheese.
To stir the risotto to perfection, It is better to use cold butter so you can exploit the fat part and not the liquid and also to have a creamier caused by change in temperature between the hot and cold butter risotto.
For balanced proportions, consider using 20 g butter and 10 GR of grated cheese every 100 GR rice.

3. The repose:

It is essential, to stir the risotto to perfection, that once turned off the fire and added butter and cheese, the rice is covered with a lid.
The risotto should remarry for 1-2 minutes so that it settles and it starts to release its starch.

4. The mixing:

She then proceeds with the proper mix of risotto.
Remove the lid, Stir to mix well butter and cheese, then shake the pan with quick movements and regular back and forth, so that the risotto a & #8217; wave.
If the rice is too dry, Add a few tablespoons of broth.
More the movements will be fast, more starch will release your risotto and will form a nice creamy sauce.

5. Stir in l & #8217; oil:

For matecare a seafood risotto, or if you don't have butter at home, You can run the manteca tura even with extra virgin olive oil.

Add the oil in the resting phase and then proceed as for the classic risotto mix.
To stir the risotto to perfection, It is essential the choice of rice.

There are many species of rice and although very good, not all have the same performance of preparation.

A Council: for a good risotto, used Italian products. They are tastier and healthier.

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