Pulpo El Romero .

The recipe for “ Pulpo El Romero ” Shared, with us and our friends, by Francesca y Fabio

patron by EL ROMERO – Restauración Sostenible – Gluten-free – Mahon – Menorca (It).

We and our readers have known Francesca y Fabio

Francesca and Fabio. Welcome

Francesca and Fabio. Welcome

through the diary of Trip to Menorca by Jorge e Silvia that we published a few weeks ago. Francesca Y Fabio they share a recipe from their restaurant: all ingredients in KM. 0.

Fish caught in the Menorca Sea and vegetables grown on the organic farms of Menorca: sustainability is their philosophy.
Their dishes (all gluten free) transmit the scents and flavors of the island.

A philosophy that respects nature and its times.
No waste and respect for the environment and what surrounds us.

Pulpo El Romero (recipe for 4 people)

icon checkmark1 Kg. fresh octopus (possibly the Mediterranean)
icon checkmark1 Big potato
icon checkmark1 Zucchini
icon checkmark1 Carrot
icon checkmark1 Salad tomato
icon checkmarkSweet paprika (we use that of the brand “The Dalia“, for which we have the datasheet attesting to the total absence of gluten).


Ask the fishmonger to clean the pulpo and put in the freezer for at least 72 hours (the octopus will be more tender).

Thaw and cook in plenty of boiling water 40 minutes, check with a fork (must be tender) and, once cooked, withdraw it from ’water, let it cool down and cut it into not too small pieces.

Boil the potato, let it cool and cut into thin slices.

Match the courgette and carrot, slice the tomato and fry everything in plenty of olive oil; season with salt and black pepper.

While the vegetables fry, Sauté the octopus pieces in a non-stick frying pan with very little oil until it forms at’external a slight crust.


In a flat flat spread the slices of lukewarm potato, dusting them with sweet paprika.
Add a layer of fried vegetables and finally the octopus pieces. Salt to taste.

Have a good appetite with the Pulpo El Romero !

Greetings from Menorca.

Francesca y Fabio

el romero Mahon el romero Mahon

Stopping at El Romero , you will taste the taste of prepared dishes with ingredients that can be found at the market daily.

El Romero (Francesca y Fabio) is the first restaurant in Menorca that has received the prestigious and important recognition for their commitment to a more sustainable world Marca Menorca Reserva de Biosfera . Brand Menorca Riconoscimento El Romero

No waste, just respect for the product and the world around.

RESTAURANTE EL ROMERO – restauración sostenible

A big thank you to Francesca Y Fabio

Appointment to Mahon from El Romero

Team AllAroundIsGlutenFree

El Romero is:

Cerificazione Gluten-Free Rosemary

too good to go

Food Made Good


Tourist Icon EL ROMERO – Restauración Sostenible -Plaça de la Conquesta, 5 – Mahón, Balearic Islands, Spagna – email-20 iconinfo@elromero.bio – Icon Numero telefono +34 651 45 90 18

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Gluten-Free Menorca


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