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Ready to eat: SCIVOLI, Pomodoro e Basilico .

I Prontissimi Senza Glutine "from Piaceri Mediterranei .

They are not precooked, are not freeze dried and frozen are not.

Slides bake directly in their own juice.
You cook it in the microwave or in a pan in just 3 steps. Only the finest quality ingredients.

I had already tried and cooked " Penne Capers and olives ".

Often I have little time and lately I decided to cook " Scivoli Pomodoro e Basilico ”. Slides with tomato and Basil - Very Ready Gluten - Piaceri Mediterranei
The cooking method is very simple.

Cooking method


1. Open the bags of PASTA and sauce, spill their contents in the bowl and mix well, making sure that the sauce completely covers the dough.

2.Cover the pan with a lid (leaving the shiny side inside) and put in the microwave with turntable for 6/7 minutes to 750 WATTS. After cooking, pay attention: the Pan contains hot product! Hot steam will escape.

3.Before you remove the lid, wait a little to stabilize the temperature in the tank, mix.


1.In non-stick pan with a diameter of 16/18 '', pour the sauce contained in the foil pouch and bring to a boil; then pour the dough contained in transparent bag and mix.

2. Just picks up the boil, mix, cover with the lid and allow it to simmer for 6/7 minutes, stirring a few times.

3. Remove the cover, mix, wait a little to stabilize the temperature inside of the Pan.

I wanted to add the diced mozzarella (to customize quickly the recipe).


This paste "slipping" keeps perfectly cooked, We like Italians.
A tasty and appetizing dish in minutes in the pot.

The fork and napkin are included in the box.
If you are away from home, the usage is really practical.
A lunch break when working or if you have little time to Cook. A good and tasty idea.

Enjoy your meal


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