Oyster Baked Potatoe. Gluten Free.

Oyster baked Potatoe – Gluten Free Recipe, Vegetarian

Pleurotus (mushrooms called trunnion or even oyster mushroom in Italy) are one of the most popular varieties of mushrooms.

Today I cook a baked version is highly appreciated by my family.

An easy recipe and very quick.

Mushrooms (cooked this way) can be a side dish, a second dish or a delicious appetizer, simple to implement.

The Breading, without eggs, is made crisp because the mushrooms are baked in the oven.
A perfect recipe for vegetarians.

fix iconDifficulties: Easy Boiler-icon- Difficulties
Strawberry Money iconCost: Cheap Coin icon
icon timerTime: About 30 minutes (cooking included)

Ingredient for Oyster Mushrooms au gratin: for 5 / 6 people Icon number

icon checkmark q yellow500 g of Oyster Mushrooms vitabella-Breading-corn
icon checkmark q yellowBreadcrumbs about 200 grams. I used “ IMPANATURA VITABELLA
icon checkmark q yellowSalt
icon checkmark q yellowblack pepper (If you like)
icon checkmark q yellow1 bunch parsley
icon checkmark q yellow1 Spoon of grated cheese: ES. Parmigiano Reggiano
icon checkmark q yellowExtra virgin olive oil


Clean the mushrooms and divide them into individual leaves. Delete the part of the stem with roots.
You can DAB the upper leaf with a cloth and try to eliminate any residual land.

In a bowl, pour the breadcrumbs and mix it with: Salt,black pepper, chopped parsley and cheese.

Pour olive oil in a dish and pour this every mushroom.
Breaded, Right now, every fungus in compound containing breadcrumbs.

Immediately after, arrange the mushrooms, on a baking tray.
Do Brown, in a hot oven, at 190 degrees for about 20 minutes. Golden will have to become.


Pleteuros proce










Serve the baked Oyster Mushrooms for, still hot.

The variant:

You can fry the mushrooms, instead of making them in the oven.
You prepare a creamy batter with flour (Gluten Free), water and salt.

In this variation, You must bathe each mushroom into the batter and then pass into breadcrumbs, as per the original recipe.

Finally, FRY in hot oil until golden brown.

Enjoy your meal,


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