Paris Gluten Free.
Paris Gluten Free.

Paris Gluten Free.

We decided to spend a few days in Paris.
Magnificent city that we have frequented for many years.
We have not returned since Anto was diagnosed with celiac disease.

As always, before you travel, First we contacted the National Association and then the French Association of Celiac Disease to get a list of restaurants, Bakeries and shops where you can eat safely and without contamination.

Their responses have always been quick and very helpful.

But the Celiac Association French (Our trip was in the first days of November 2022) is currently unable to provide recommendations on safe restaurants and pastry shops, gluten-free and without the risk of cross-contamination.

Loro stanno facendo un grande progetto di formazione dei cuochi e delle strutture in tutta la Francia e a Parigi e solo dopo saranno in grado di pubblicare una lista sicura.

A l’heure actuelle, il n’est pas possible de vous donner une liste de restaurants sans gluten sûre à 100%.
However, when you arrive in a restaurant, It is essential to immediately warn the server that you can only consume gluten-free foods.
For your perfect information, Be aware that theAFDIAG is in the process of setting up a major training project for restaurateurs in France to ensure the health of people who consume gluten-free products. This will allow us to answer your legitimate question in the future.

Il consiglio migliore è: Prima di sedere in un ristorante, Clearly tell the waiter that you have celiac disease and ask if they have gluten-free option.

After much insistence (Ste asked his interlocutor where he would go to eat in Paris), my husband received the indication of 4 Places (personal experience of those who sent them) but clearly not certified and that below I report:

Pizzeria Little Nonna 12, avenue Niel ( proximité Arc de Triomphe) Paris
Le KAPUNKA à Montparnasse
Chez Ann, rue de l Échiquier dans le 10ème arrondissement
Le Chambelland boulangerie pâtisserie Métro Oberkampf . Noi avevamo già conosciuto ed assaporato le prelibatezze di Le Chambelland a Gand a luglio 2022 (Ottimo).

Paris is big, beautiful its distances are often many kilometers and not all places are easily accessible – {It's lunchtime and you're visiting the opposite side of the city} (for reasons of time) – how to do it?

We started to consult all the experiences that are on the net and these are our current conclusions after our trip:

>Compared to cities like Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence and all of Italy in general, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Spain, Paris still has a long way to go when we talk about gluten free.

>Surely there is a lot of commitment on the part of the French Association of celiac disease and surely they will come to train restaurateurs.
We had had the same experience in Strasbourg where we had gone to admire the Christmas markets in the 2021.

>When you search Paris Gluten Free on google, Many vegetarian or vegan restaurants appear on the lists.
Many of them do not use wheat to prepare their dishes.
But celiacs know that in addition to wheat, other cereals such as spelt are totally forbidden.
In addition, there is cross-contamination or to know if those cereals , supposedly gluten-free using, are actually gluten-free (Repeat, cross-contamination in any of their processes: packaging, production…).

>In the lists you will also read about restaurants of Asian cuisines (normally because they are grain-free and with the use of soy and derivatives). For us, the same considerations made in the previous point apply.;
Some gluten-free Italian restaurant.
We are Italian and when we go out we prefer to taste the kitchens, Possibly we want to taste the flavors and typical dishes of other nations in the gluten-free realization.
Anto also doesn't like Asian specialties very much.. For this reason we did not visit these restaurants.

>Be very careful in general when entering restaurants because, even when it is specified that a dish is gluten-free, often do not know the essential rules and pay little attention to avoid cross-contamination.

Just talk to the waiter to understand. Often he does not know what we are talking about and this happens frequently in France.

Anyway, waiting for the French association of celiac disease to train restaurateurs and cooks, Our advice is always to try to consult reliable reviews and opinions and in doubt when you sit down and have clearly expressed your needs, Always order the simplest dishes that can be less contaminated.

>You can more easily find pastry shops or ovens where you can have safe and gluten-free breakfast as well as find places to have lunch safely even if not with French safe but still not certified cuisine.

Dinner is the hardest meal if you don't want to eat Italian or Asian. Also because many of the gluten-free restaurants are closed in the evening for dinner.

If you want to taste a dish (recipe) French gluten-free is really hard: This was really impossible for us to find as it is difficult to eat out for dinner safely, unless you go to Italian or Asian restaurants as written above.

We could not visit all the places reported to us.

We will show you first of all those where we ate (that made sense for us to try) and then those who have been recommended to us (gluten free) but that we could not try for lack of time.


>>Prepare a supply of snacks, bars or what you might need if you are hungry and can't find a safe place nearby.
If you rent an AirBnb with us like us, you can comfortably have a breakfast at home before heading out;

>>The supermarkets are discreetly stocked but absolutely far from the great offer that you can find in Rome and Italy rather than in Madrid and Spain.

We have entered some. For example, inside the large supermarket in Les Halles: something but not a great choice.

Also in Spain and Italy you can find shops that sell only products for celiacs: we have not found them in Paris and we will be grateful to our readers if they can indicate someone so we can integrate our guide.

>>We left from Charles De Gaulle airport: Unfortunately we couldn't see any viable gluten free options.

Where we ate in Paris Gluten Free:

icon green snailLe Chambelland boulangerie pâtisserie Métro Oberkampf


Le Chambelland boulangerie pâtisserie Métro Oberkampf

Le Chambelland Boulangerie Pâtisserie Métro Oberkampf – Paris

icon green snailCafé Mareva République

Cafe Mareva - Paris

Cafe Mareva – Paris

icon green snailLoulou Bd Saint-Germain – On the menu many gluten-free options and bread is produced by Maison Chambelland. We informed of the special attention they had to have.

They were particularly good and we came back. They avoided any possible contamination. Congratulations!


LouLou Bd Saint-Germain, Paris

LouLou Bd Saint-Germain, Paris

Other recommended places on the net in addition to those indicated by those who responded to our requests and indicated by us above:

Pocket 46 Av. de Suffren, 75015 Paris
Yummy & Guiltfree
Helmut Newcake

La Guinguette dÁngele
Clementine Oliver

We will be very happy to integrate our list of bars and restaurants for Paris Gluten Free by inserting the future advice of our readers.

We wish you a nice trip to Paris.......Gluten Free.


icon pencil-point 5Information:

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If you like, We will be happy to publish your gluten-free recipes with photographs of the process and inserting the name and social contacts of those who send them.

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