Paccheri to 3 Perfumes.

Paccheri to 3 Gluten-free perfumes

Paccheri to 3 Perfumes or even Sara & Flavia .
A tasty and quick recipe to prepare: when children want to cook, the doors are open and the flames lit. Aha aha aha.. ..

“Today we cook” > “Thank you”.
So this recipe was born.
“Which paste we use?” “Paccheri”.
Sara think about the recipe with the products that are in the pantry and Flavia cucina . The family enjoys.

Ingredients for 4 people: Primaly Gluten-Free Paccheri

icon checkmark6 oranges from juice;
icon checkmark1/2 Yellow Onion;
icon checkmark1 and 1/2 Bronte pistachios (absolutely no salt. The Bronte pistachio it's also garrison Slow Food :
icon checkmark320 grams of Gluten-free Paccheri ( Flavia he used Paccheri Primaly ).
icon checkmark150 grams of smoked wild salmon;
icon checkmarkSalt to taste;
icon checkmarkExtra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO);


Cut the salmon into small pieces.
Put the water for the pasta on the heat and when this bubbles pour the paccheri and salt.

Meanwhile while we squeeze the oranges and cut the onion into thin slices.
Put in a non-stick frying pan 3 – 4 tablespoons of oil and fry the onion and then add a sleael of cooking water of the paccheri to stretch the onion in cooking.

Chop the pistachios of "Bronte".

Drain the pasta well (beautiful damp and raw) 2 minutes before the cooking time indicated on the packaging.

Let's pour the paccheri (after draining well) in the pan and now that the liquid has evaporated we pour the orange juice (not the pulp).


Let the paccheri continue cooking in orange juice over medium heat.
The orange juice will wrap the paccheri and only at the end we add the chopped pistachios and salmon for the final mantecata.

Be careful not to shake the paccheri. This pasta is great and keeps cooking well.

We can flatten and everyone at the table to enjoy the paccheri to the 3 perfumes.
Enjoy your meal,



P.S. The daughters left a little liquid the sauce deliberately,



Every recipe is a possible travel idea and every trip tastes like a new recipe.


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