Lasagna with pumpkin and smoked cheese. Gluten Free.
Lasagna: Pumpkin and smoked cheese. Gluten Free. icon GF no flour

Lasagna with pumpkin are a tasty first course.
You can cook the lasagna with many variations: meat, fish, vegetables and vegetables, with tomato or no.

Every time you cook a different meal and always a different taste. You can decide with products of the season or with the ingredients that you will find at the market.

A simple recipe to make: I chose the smoked cheese. You can customize by choosing another cheese.

fix iconDifficulties: Easy Boiler-icon- Difficulties
Strawberry Money iconCost: Cheap Coin icon
icon timerTime: 60 minutes in total

Ingredients: 4 / 5 portions Icon number

Bechamel SG Giusto 1 Package Bechamel GF Right
250 grams – Corn flour Gluten Free lasagna Piaceri Mediterranei
Smoked Cheese cut into slices – about 1 .5 hg.

Pumpkin 1 Kg. + 1 small onion

extra virgin olive oil (extra virgin olive oil)

Saute a chopped onion in oil and then stir in the diced pumpkin.
Cook the pumpkin until everything is well cooked, Add salt and mash with a fork until you have a puree.

pumpkin lasagna and smoked cheese 1


Stretch the sauce with a little milk

Take the Pan: cover the bottom of the pan with the sauce, then the first layer of paste (lasagna, then pumpkin flesh, béchamel sauce, smoked cheese chopped or sliced, Parmesan cheese).

Repeat this operation until the exhaustion of lasagna, covering the last layer of lasagna with pumpkin flesh, sauce and a generous helping of grated Parmesan.

pumpkin lasagna and smoked cheese 2


Cooking: I suggest you follow the directions on the package.

Oven at 180 /200°: After preparing lasagna, you bake for 30 minutes covering the pan with aluminum foil from the oven. After you remove the foil and continue to cook for more 10 minutes to get a golden crust.

Enjoy your meal


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