The Paglina Onion of Castrofilippo. The Cippudrata.
The Onion Paglina by Castrofilippo. The Cippudrata.
The Onion Paglina by Castrofilippo. The Cippudrata.

As I often do, I was wandering through the market stalls Trionfale in Rome and at the fruit and vegetable box of Sandro Taccone (179/194) I find exposed a pack of very large onions that I did not know: “Onion Paglina di Castrofilippo" with the brand of the farm Chedduci and the symbol of "Slow Food ”.

The onion paglina of Castrofilippo

I often frequent this counter because I always find seasonal products and especially delicacies that I can hardly find elsewhere even in Rome.

Curiosity: see and buy was a moment.

A pack of onions with a really huge cut: perhaps among the greatest I had ever seen.
Back home I searched the internet to understand how to best cook this onion unknown to me.

Idea: phone directly to the manufacturer – the telephone contact is shown on the package.

Andrea replies to me while he was working his fields in the heart of Sicily: I ask what is the best way to cook and enjoy this onion.

Andrea replies that he will send a message from his wife Sabrina who knows how to best enhance the taste of the onion Paglina by Castrofilippo:

From Sabrina I receive this message shortly after:

"Good morning, meanwhile thanks for your purchase and for your interest. Are Sabrina, owner together with my husband Andrea of the farm Chedduci .
To cook the onion paglina and really enjoy its sweetness, no elaborate recipes needed.
If you fry it in a pan over low heat, salts only halfway through cooking, the onion will wither and rosolera' and is practically ready. If you like it sweet and sour, fade at the end with a little’ of vinegar, but no sugar. More simply still,can bake it, in large pieces with oil salt and pepper and then balsamic when you take it out of the oven or cut into round slices oil salt pepper and breadcrumbs."

I chose the first recipe by adding only a little good white wine vinegar at the end and blending it – but very little.

Brought to the table this onion was a revelation: with a sweet and pleasant taste.
Truly a discovery.

As I read somewhere: The onion that does not make you cry but that makes you laugh for its sweetness. The truth. Delicate, with a sweet taste and easily digestible.

On the phone, Andrea He said that together with his wife they had decided to resume working and producing this ancient onion.: a typical vegetable of the Castrofilippo area of which the memory was being lost.

Onion Paglina di Castrofilippo

From their commitment this product has been recognized as a garrison of the " Slow Food ”.

One of the infinite heritages of food biodiversity that can only be found in Italy.

Cultivation is governed by a protocol that reports the same traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years and that excludes any use of chemicals.

After talking to Andrea and also texted each other with his wife Sabrina We have understood how much love there is behind the cultivation of onion Paglina of Castrofilippo and we remembered some words of Andrea that I had read:

"Being part of the big family of Slow Food , invests you with a role – declares Andrea Inzalaco of the company Chedduci .
You are not just a simple producer, but a guarantor of the entire production process.
A process that implies attention to the raw material, on the ground, to packaging, why good, just and clean you have to be from beginning to end.
This is a great responsibility.
Since last year, We, so to speak, renewed wedding vows, giving life to the community of the Presidium, which now also includes our family members, who are also fundamental collaborators in every event and working day."


And we can also add guarantors of the good food that we can eat.

If you don't find the onion Paglina of Castrofilippo from your dealer, don't worry: Call or contact the company Chedduci and, certainly, if you are in production season, Andrea and Sabrina will send their products or in any case you will discover their other properties.

Try and enjoy your meal.

On the part of our family an infinite thanks to Sabrina and Andrea for allowing us to know an exceptional food: we understood how much love and passion is needed to grow this product.


The onion paglina of Castrofilippo

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