Ricotta and Spinach dumplings
Ricotta and Spinach dumplings.

Ricotta and spinach dumplings are soft dumplings (larger fit) prepared with spinach, goat's cottage cheese, flour and eggs.
A good and delicate taste: a tasty alternative to classic potato dumplings.

The difficulty of these dumplings is in their very soft consistency: you have to use a great dexterity and carefully dose the gluten-free flour, eggs and gluten-free breadcrumbs: a lot of patience in preparation.

Once cooked, however, these Gnocconi will be well-supported.
You can season them in many ways: Butter, sage and parmesan cheese; a good tomato sauce. I wanted to prepare these gnocconi on a chickpea cream.

Ingredients are very important: their quality is key to the success.

Ingredients for 4 people Icon number .
To Prepare Chickpea Cream:

icon checkmark q yellowGarlic;
icon checkmark q yellowRosemary Sprig;
icon checkmark q yellowThyme's Ramp;
icon checkmark q yellowRag of Santoreggia;
icon checkmark q yellowSoaked chickpeas 500 Gr.;
icon checkmark q yellow1 lime or 1 Lemon:
icon checkmark q yellowSalt – as required;
icon checkmark q yellowExtra Virgin Olive Oil;

To Prepare the Gnocconi:

icon checkmarkGoat Ricotta 250 GR. I used the goat's ricotta of the " Azienda Agricola Benacquista ”: Agricultural company very important because it is also the producer of the " Marzolina ” (goat cheese typical of Lazio) product following ancient recipes.
This company is a garrison" Slow Food " for the production of the Marzolina ;
icon checkmarkParmigiano Reggiano 2 Tablespoons;
icon checkmarkFresh Spinach 100 Gr.;
icon checkmarkBreadcrumbs 30 GR. Gluten Free;
icon checkmarkFlour 35 GR. + the flour needed for dusting the worktop. I used the flour Schär;Farina Schär
icon checkmark2 Eggs;
icon checkmarkSage: How Much Enough (some leaves);
icon checkmarkSalt and Pepper: How Much Enough;

Chickpea Cream:

Prepare a mixture of garlic, Rosemary, thyme and holy
Clean the chickpeas and put in the pot with boiling water.

Combine the mixture of garlic and rosemary, thyme and holy.
Add the lime juice and cook for a few minutes until the chickpeas turn soft.

Close to the end of cooking, add a drizzle of oil.
Blend the softened chickpeas with a minipimer.

If you prefer a less dense chickpea cream, cook a little less or stretch with 1 or 2 spoons of hot vegetable broth.

The Gnocconi:

Blanch the spinach 10 minutes: they have to become soft.

Drain the spinach well and once cooled combine in a bowl together with the parmesan, flour and cottage cheese.
Add the breadcrumbs.

Add the eggs and create a dough. Work for a few minutes until all the ingredients are combined.

Once you have created a soft and consistent dough, make a strand of about 2/3 centimeters and cut to create the dumplings.

Abound with flour in the pavement and dust the dumplings.

Put plenty of water in a pot. To boil first salt and then pour with your hands the dumplings.

When the dumplings rise to the surface you wait a ten seconds and then with a foam pour into a large plate: be careful to drain the water well.

Pour 4 tablespoons of oil in the pan and let fry the sage for a few minutes.

Add the dumplings and cook 5 minutes or so and move the pot every now and then to make the dumplings taste better.


In the Plate:

Spread the hot chickpea cream using a spoon.
Arrange the dumplings on top of the cream and garnish with sage.

Enjoy your meal,



The success of a good dish always starts from good ingredients.

The Parmesan cheese must be just Reggiano (So produced in Italy) and not one of the many surrogates produced in the world. These products (even with similar name) are just bad imitations.

Goat ricotta must be really good (fundamental element to the success of this recipe). We bought in Rome at the Market Trionfale from the manufacturer (Box 115).

Gluten-free flour and breadcrumbs (both gluten-free) they have to be great.
Oil is just extra virgin olive.

Eggs must be of hens eating on the ground.

Eating well is culture.

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