Cinnamon frost.


Cinnamon frost. Ancient Sicilian confectionery recipe, made gluten-free.


Luciana (Sicilian and Palermo), my husband's cousin's wife, gives him the book "Il Pranzo della Domenica" written by Rossana Dongarrà .
Luciana knows how much my husband appreciates Sicilian cuisine and Sicilian products: The gift for his birthday.

Rossana Dongarrà Wrote “Sunday Lunch” which is a book not only of recipes, but also stories and anecdotes about Sicilian gastronomic culture and which was published to contribute to the humanitarian medical relief action of “Médecins Sans Frontières”.

Sunday was and still is for many the free time of the week when grandparents, grandchildren, children and relatives take the opportunity to get together and spend time together. The moment of meeting of the extended family.


A table laid, A cozy home and family reunited. This represents for Italians the Sunday lunch.

Around food we talk, we laugh, you listen, Sometimes we argue but we are together.

I remember that on Sunday the house smelled different., better. The only day we all wanted to arrive; Mom and Grandma got up early to cook; Dad would go out to buy the newspaper and then come back to help..

The alarm clock with a greeting accompanied by the scents of the kitchen. The table more orderly than usual because uncles were about to arrive with cousins and sometimes even dear friends.


Luciana's Cinnamon Frost Recipe from Sunday Lunch
Many, the elongated table and everyone sitting around.

Sunday lunch was and is an awaited and loved ritual: Sunday lunch is the moment of encounter in which the contemporary frenzy stops, you are together and never alone.

Cinnamon Frost is the first recipe I decided to prepare.

Luciana She shared this recipe with the author and my husband has always praised the ability to Luciana and the mother in the kitchen.

I transcribe the recipe in full and indicate the small variations and precautions to obtain a safe and gluten-free recipe.

Cinnamon frost.

Ingredients for 4/5 people:

icon checkmark q yellow1 liter of water;

icon checkmark q yellow 250 grams of sugar;

icon checkmark q yellow 90 grams of wheat starch. I replaced with gluten-free cornstarch;

icon checkmark q yellow 20 grams of cinnamon in sticks – I used excellent Madagascar cinnamon;

icon checkmark q yellowA handful of chopped pistachios. I use the pistachios from Bronte;

icon checkmark q yellowLittle grated chocolate. I use dark chocolate with the words gluten-free indicated;

icon checkmark q yellow3/4 candied orange peels. In Rome, I use candied fruitCandied Orange Flows gluten free products from pastry Giuliani (its products are gluten-free)

How to prepare:

To begin with, put the cinnamon sticks to macerate for at least 8 hours in a liter of water.
After this time has elapsed, Bring everything to a boil and let this infusion rest that you have obtained for a whole day.

Madagascar cinnamon

Remove the cinnamon sticks and pour the flavored water into a pot, Mixing it with starch with a whisk to prevent lumps from remaining..

Meanwhile, Take a baking sheet with edges not too high and that can contain frost to the edge.
Wet it and put it in the freezer (always to help when you have to spill in the pot).

Add sugar and put on the heat over moderate heat and mix carefully.
When the frost will reach the boiling point and have viscous consistency, Remove from heat and pour on the baking sheet that you have taken out of the freezer.

Cinnamon frost. Serving.

Let cool and refrigerate for about 4 hours.
Turn out into a round plate with wide edges: a caramel-colored disc.

Decorate the edges of the plate with chopped pistachio and the center with grated chocolate and candied orange peels.

Cinnamon frost by Anto of allaroundisglutenfree

A delight of flavors and aromas.

Bon appetit and good Sunday lunch.


After using the cinnamon sticks, dry well with a paper Scottex. You can insert the cinnamon sticks in the sugar bowl and in the tea container to flavor.

Flavors and aromas of Sicily. Read also:


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icon list

icon list

icon listItaly has always been considered a paradise for celiacs. You can find restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops, ovens for fresh bread or fresh pasta all gluten-free and guaranteed by the supervision of the Italian Celiac Association in each region (We advise you to always contact before your trip).

You can taste local dishes prepared in the gluten-free version. Among all regions, Sicily is certainly one of those that best manages to satisfy the palates of celiacs with the culinary skills of its chefs.

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