Frozen #singluten batido de frutas del bosque fp
Smoothie #Glutenfree of frozen berries.

Glutenfree Smoothie of frozen berries.

Rakel Spanish is an our friend , Celiac known via Instagram.

Rakel shared with us this yummy, scented, colorful and mostly gluten free recipe.

The stunning photographs by Rakel invite to try.

From the beautiful city of Vitoria – Gasteiz Basque Country .

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“A fun and easy way to eat one of the most delicious and beautiful nature: strawberries. In this case I merged with raspberries and I have a milkshake from exposure.

A taste explosion in your mouth. Is it true?


icon checkmark q yellow Strawberries and raspberries, frozen and not frozen Rice Balls Cocoa Soria Natural
icon checkmark q yellow Eggs
icon checkmark q yellow Unrefined brown sugar
icon checkmark q yellow Rice Balls chocolate by brand Soria Natural
icon checkmark q yellow Fresh Peppermint leaves


To make this recipe we will need a blender capable of cutting ice.

1. Introduce frozen fruits in the blender and give it a maximum power. Remember to put the top to not splash!

2. When the fruits are crushed, Add fresh not frozen fruit to the blender and continue to blend (lower the power).

3. To give a special Smoothie consistency, usually, I add the white of two eggs (one egg per person). We beat so that everything blends well.

4. At the end, Add few’ of sugar and some peppermint leaves.

5. When the smoothie is ready, fill the glasses and add some rice balls and cacao .



My advice is to take it as fast as possible so that it is very cold”.

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Tourist Icon Vitoria – Gasteiz

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