Flour with Black Cabbage. Gluten Free.

The yellow flour with kale is a typical dish of Tuscany and is cooked in different ways in different areas of the region.

I cooked my Tuscan grandmother's recipe.
My grandmother learned this recipe from a friend in Florence.

There are the typical products of our land.

The yellow corn flour must be both the craving (ground coarsely grained) that the floret (very fine-grained ground).

Kale is tastier and more tender when harvested after the first frosts.
Normally this is a winter dish.

This is a recipe that takes a little time.
The ingredients are key.

The result will be an ecstasy of taste.

Check that cornfluit has the symbol icon GF no flour or the wording "Gluten-free" – no cross-contamination in the mill.

Please: don't use pre-cooked flours.

Ingredients flour with kale 5/6 people:

icon checkmark 250 GR. corn flour craving Gluten Free. If you don't find the craving corn flour, use a flour with thicker grain (I used flour La Grande Ruota ).

icon checkmark 250 GR. Corn corn flour floret Gluten Free or anyway a fine-grained cornmeal (I used cornmeal from the Molino Favero ).

icon checkmark 1 Black cabbage bouquet.

icon checkmark 2 cups of cannellini beans already cooked (I used sulfur beans of Pratomagno ( Presidio Slow Food ).

icon checkmark 1 Celery Coast.

icon checkmark 1 Carrot.

icon checkmark 1 Onion.

icon checkmark 1 Lt. of water.

icon checkmark extra virgin olive oil.

icon checkmark sage a few leaves (to use with beans both when soaking in water and during cooking).

icon checkmark Salt.

Preparation Farinata with kale:

I soaked the zolfini beans for about 3 1/2 hours with a few sage leaves.
Then I cooked the beans for about 1 now.

Take the smells (carrot, onion and celery).
Clean smells, make a minced and put it to fry in a pot with extra virgin olive oil.
We prefer a bigger mince in our family.

Meanwhile take the beans with their cooking water.
Pass or blend half adding a little cooking water (someone uses the mixer).

Finish wilting the minced odors by adding a drizzle of water.
So add both half of the fried beans and the ones you haven't blended.

Add a litre of water and bring to the boil (you can also use unused bean water).

Meanwhile take the kale.
Remove the rib to the cabbage, cut into small or large pieces.

Add the kale in the pot with the pan and the beans.
Mix, cover and cook and wither the kale; salt-adjusted.

At this point we turned off the gas because it was early to eat.

When preparing the flour we have poured everything into a large pan of crock, of the beautiful capacious ones, and brought it all to a boil.

Prepare the yellow flour (coveted and floret) and mix well.

Gradually add the yellow flour to the pan, stirring well with a whisk.

Keep hot water ready to add if needed to cook polenta without drying too much (it will take about 30 minutes).

We prefer polenta to be denser.
If you prefer the most liquid polenta, you have to add more water.

Remember: always turn with the whip.

Flour should remain slow, to eat with a spoon.

Pour in crock pans.
A dash of extra virgin olive oil on top and enjoy.

Accompany with a good glass of red wine (Tuscan if possible).

Enjoy your meal,

Anto & Ste


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