Caffe e s mascarpone cream


Coffee Mascarpone cream with Savoiardi. Gluten free.

How many times you have had to prepare a sweet at the last moment. Always on the run. Arriving guests. There are people with celiac disease at the table.

This time I propose a tasty dessert, easy to prepare. Sure to delight.

The taste of a good Italian coffee. The smooth creaminess of the mascarpone combined with coffee.

A perfect combination that will surprise your guests.

And if you also have some coffee bean for garnish and bubble gum when you taste the sweet: the icing on the cake.

To enjoy with your Savoiardi : other Italian delight.

One of the pleasures of Mediterranean. Good, fragrant, tasty.

One after the other. A teaspoon of cream and a bite of cookie.

And surely everyone will exclaim at the end: Already Finished! Still a spoon, still a cookie.
When any other dinner? When even an afternoon together.

Difficulties: Easy
Cost: Cheap
Time: 20 minutes + refrigerator

Portions for 4 People ladyfingers Mediterranean pleasures

1 Egg yolk (room temperature)
2 Tablespoons sugar
200 grams of Mascarpone (room temperature)
1 Cup of Espresso (Italian)
Biscuits Gluten Free.

I used the Savoiardi Piaceri Mediterranei .

Besides the great taste, These savoiardi have a good texture (outstanding when these savoiardi are used in sweets).


Separate the egg white from the egg yolk.

Work the yolk with sugar: use a wooden spoon.

Mix well.

Add mascarpone and continue to work to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Meanwhile, prepare an espresso (Italian). For our non-Italian players: avoid using American coffee or similar beverages. The coffee must be coffee!

While you turn with spoon, you pour the coffee (the contents of the Cup) flush and continue to mix.

Caffe procedures mascarpone cream


Refrigerate after having covered with plastic wrap until ready to serve.

Pour into cups and serve with the savoiardi Gluten Free by Piaceri Mediterranei .

Enjoy your meal,


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