Bollo de Pilar , Gluten Free.

Bollo de Pilar , gluten-free: we left the name in Spanish without translation, Deliberately.

Pilar is a very nice Spanish lady from Granada.
She is soul, kitchen and heart of “ El Cortijo Sin ” – Granada restaurant where Pilar cooks all gluten-free sleeves (Pilar is celiac).

The delights of the palate and taste: We met Pilar in the 2016 and we hope to be back soon.
You have to visit the beautiful Granada and eat from Pilar.

Pilar is jealous of her recipes and after much insistence she sent this recipe which she also posted on Instagram.
For us, this recipe is: “ Bollo de Pilar ” gluten-free even though for Pilar it's a “ Bollo ” Easter


icon checkmark500 GR. bread mixture Schär’s bread mix ,
icon checkmark100 GR. of sugar,
icon checkmark10 grams of real-world baking powder, biscuits,
icon checkmark9 GR. dry yeast or 25 g of fresh baking yeast,
icon checkmark100 GR. of butter, can be lactose-free,
icon checkmark100 ml. milk can be lactose-free,
icon checkmark100 ml. of water
icon checkmark10 GR. soy lecithin,
icon checkmark5 gr of salt,
icon checkmark2 eggs M,
icon checkmark90 GR. liquor, I used aged rum and I bathed 75 grams of raisins,
icon checkmark1 egg painting,
icon checkmark100 GR. flaked almonds,
icon checkmark250 GR. custard: 500 ml. milk can be lactose-free, 100 GR. egg yolks or 4 XL or 5 M egg yolks, 125 GR. of sugar, 50 GR. cornstarch,


Custard is the first thing to do – soft and tasty.
It's a water bath: so we'll put a pot of water to warm up, where we'll make our cream.

We need two bols, one to mix the egg yolks with cornstarch and a little’ of milk, and another one where we'll put the rest of the milk and sugar to heat in a water bath.

We will mix over low heat and very slowly so that there are no lumps and that it is a smooth and homogeneous cream and when the cream is ready we will put it in a sac a few and let it rest.


Place in the bowl of the ’egg kneading, Butter, milk, water, soy lecithin.
Let's put the flour, sugar, baking powder and dry yeast in another bowl.

Knead for at least 5 minutes and add the liqueur with l’raisins and knead again 5 minutes a little’ Stronger: the dough should be smooth and without lumps and a little’ Sticky

While we knead the whole thing, we prepare the container where we'll make our cake which should have a diameter of about 35 or 40 ''. and a height of at least 5 ''. and in which we'll put a piece of baking paper so as not to stick and then easily remove.

We bring the dough to the tray where we will make our cake, and we polish it to the same level.

We dip our fingers in the oil (Softly) and make deep grooves around the cake: we have to make three round rings and let it rest until it doubles inside the oven [a trick… I pre-heat the oven at 60o, I turn it off and put it in the cake, about 45/60 minutes].

After rest time, we'll pull out the cake and turn on the oven at 200o.

As we finish the cake… we have to beat an egg to paint the whole surface, and in the grooves we had made, we sink our fingers again with oil to make it deeper and let the cream come in well… and here we'll put a good amount of cream that we'll have almost cold.

The sweet part (where c’is the cream) is where we're going to put flaked almonds…

Our oven should be like hell by now… hot ha has has, we'll put the cake in the middle of the oven to 30 minutes, 5 minutes at 200o and the rest at 175o.
The oven has to be warm because when we put the cake in it it drops a little’ temperature, so we make it stay at 175 degrees.

Once you've cooked the cake, we'll leave it in for about 15 minutes with the oven off so it doesn't come down, then we take it out and decorate it with icing sugar, or sweet glitter,or with a semi-liquored jelly.

And that's it, we can eat now or maybe it's better to enjoy in the morning for a snack.

Pilar (affectionately from Granada)


P.S.El Cortijo Sin - Granada - Espana

You can meet Pilar and enjoy his dishes at: ” El Cortijo SinCalle Pintor Zuloaga, 23, 18005 Granada , Spain – Icon Phone Number: +34 673 50 35 65″

My Dear Pilar, Your fish patties were fabulous and we recommend them to everyone: but you could send the recipe…….. Icon Instagram Icon Instagram

A hug from Rome,

Anto & Ste
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