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Bignè Gluten Free: The Recipe from Margy's, New.
Chef Margherita Lomello

Chef Margherita Lomello

The Italian chef Margherita Lomello (Margy’s Glutenfree) Shares his recipe for Gluten-free bigs with us and our friends.

Celiac from the age of 15 years. Private Chef in the United Arab Emirates.
Margherita has collected her glutenfree recipes in a book and organizes online glutenfree cooking classes that you can participate in via the website.

Bignè Gluten Free: The Recipe Margy’s

Puffs: pasta chou


icon checkmark4 or 5 Fresh eggs at room temperature ( free range )
icon checkmarkA pinch of salt
icon checkmark200 ml of water
icon checkmark120 gr organic butter
icon checkmark150 GR. flour: Margy’s Bread Mix GlutenFree (lactose free)


In a saucepan with bottom often put water, diced butter and salt, bring to a boil, remove from the heat and add all the flour at once.

Mix with wooden spoon, you'll get a ball of dough, wait about 30 minutes, when the dough will only be warmer transfer it to a large bowl.


Start blending with whips, After 3 or 4 seconds incorporates an egg, blender until it is reabsorbed, repeat the same operation for all eggs.

icon listAdd one egg at a time and never stop whipping the dough!
icon list Prepare shellless eggs in so many bowls.
icon listImportant, add eggs until the dough is soft, non-soft!

Transfer to a Sac and on baking paper in a flat baking sheet start to compose the puffs, you can make them round or long.

Smile Icon Smile IconTip: practice with the sac to pochè before making the puffs to bake.

Cooking: 190-degree x oven 15 minutes. Then others 5 minutes with lightly open oven: total 20 minutes.

Cool and stuff with whipped cream or sweet or salted creams

Margy's gluten free

Good dessert

Margherita Lomello
(Margy's, New)



By Margy's Gluten Free



Un grazie particolare a Margherita Lomello e allo staff di Margy’s da

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